Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

One evening I was catching up on all of my favorite blogs while in Wisconsin and I came upon Kristen's blog, The Concrete Runner like I always do.  She was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award.  As usual I read the entire blog and she nominated 7 people for this award.   While reading through them, I thought, "That would be so cool if she nominated me".  HA!!  There my name was and I was nominated!!  You would have thought I was awarded the academy award or something!  I was super excited to see it!!  Sometimes I think no one reads this blog, and I'm OK with that. I do this for me, not for anyone else.  :)  Kristen's blog was the first blog I had ever read.  We graduated high school together in 2003 (almost 10 years ago on June 1st!  Holy Cow!) and I always thought it was a neat idea.  In the 8 months I have been blogging, I have gotten to know so many neat people all around the country.  


Kristen nominated me for a Liebster Award.  The Liebster Award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers by another blogger who sees them as a blogger who is “up-and-coming.”
The Rules:  List 11 random facts about myself
  1. Answer 11 questions that Kristen wrote for me
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers
  3. Create 11 questions for my nominees
  4. Display the Liebster Award badge
Random Facts About Me
  1. I have really small ears.  No one notices until I say something, and then it's all they can talk about because they never noticed how small my ears are.
  2. If I could, I would adopt all of the animals I see.  It breaks my heart to see any animal cruelty in the world.
  3. I am a very loyal friend who would do whatever I can for anyone in need.  The minute someone takes that friendship for granted, it's almost impossible for me to allow them back into my life.  
  4. I'm so addicted to my iPhone.  Sad really...
  5. I don't drink.  It's rare for me to have an alcoholic drink in my hand.  I hate the taste of alcohol.  I would rather have a piece of chocolate cake or something fatty instead of drinking all of those calories!
  6. I worry about EVERYTHING on a daily basis. An annoying habit, that's for sure!
  7. I have a routine for bedtime and when I get up in the morning.  I do the same thing getting ready for bed every night and the same thing every morning when I get out of bed.
  8. I have horrible eyes!  In fact, before I met Andy I was the only person who had such bad eyes.  Sad thing, Andy has worse eyes than me!  Our poor future kids.....LOL.  I have been wearing glasses/contacts since I was 7 years old.  I still remember the day that I had to get glasses because I couldn't see the blackboard anymore in school.
  9. My two front teeth are not all real....My brother and I thought it would be a good idea to have me sit in our wagon and "steer" with the handle while he pushed me down the hill of our driveway.  I guess you can figure out that it didn't end well.  I fell out of the wagon and scraped my face, my knees and scraped my teeth (yep, I hear you all cringe right now).  My two front teeth were sanded down and chipped.  My poor mom worked an overnight shift the night before, so she wasn't thrilled to have to wake up to her kids being goofballs.
  10. I worked in retail for over 10 years and finally got my break in a "big girl" job a year ago on May 14th!  I worked at Hallmark for 2 years, Best Buy for 4 years, Office Max for 1.5 years, Famous Footwear for 1.5 years and Micro Center for 2.5 years.  
  11. I am so ready to be a mother.  I love reading blogs about everyone's little one's and cannot wait to have the life that a lot of you all have.  Good times and in bad, I will still love it! :) 

Kristen's Questions for Me

1.  What do you want be when you “grow up”?
I wanted to be a teacher and now at the age of 29, I kind of regret not getting my degree in teaching.  While I love my job now, I can see where I would be a better teacher than in Human Resources.  I did contemplate about a year ago going back to school and getting my master's in teaching, however; my current workplace called me for an interview, hired me, and that is where I am now.  At least I finally got my foot in the door somewhere to do some actual Human Resources work!!  :)  

2.  What is your favorite sport to play or watch?
I love watching baseball games, but only if you are at a game.  On TV, not so much!  The only sports I will watch on TV are playoff games or the Olympics (Summer Olympics mostly).

3.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Hawaii!  No joke, I would move there in a heartbeat!  While, I would miss my family, living in paradise would be nice too!  :)  Andy and I have an agreement, retire in Florida by the water and live near bike trails so we can ride our bicycles whenever we want.

4.  What is your favorite pair of shoes (athletic or non-athletic)?
I don't have a certain pair of shoes that are my absolute favorite, it depends on my outfit at that moment....I love Tom's shoes and flip flops in the summer.  I also love my workout shoes and how could you not, they are HOT PINK!! 
Womens ASICS GEL-Blur33 2.0 Running Shoe
5.  What bones have you broken and how did you break them?
I have never broken a bone (I'm knocking on some wood as I type).  No stitches, no ER visits, no surgeries.  I'm boring!  :)  Worst thing to happen to me, kidney stones senior year of high school.  Was told if they wouldn't pass on their own, surgery would happen.  I did pass the stones on my own.  

6.  What is your favorite book or movie of all time?
Well, at the moment, I am highly enjoying the books written by: Rachel Schurig.  If you like "chick flick/romantic" books, she is right up your alley!  :)  I just read a 4 books series of hers called, "Three Girls".  I loved all 4 of the books.  I am just starting a new series of her's called, "Love Story, Book One".  There are 3 books in that series. 

Movies, oh how I love movies.  Comedy's , Chick Flick/Romance, and Animated movies are my favorite.  Ultimate favorite movie: "Despicable Me".  I CANNOT wait till "Despicable Me 2" comes out this summer!


7.  Are you introverted or extroverted?
Introvert.  I may like to talk but it's really to people who I really know: family, friends, neighbors, my pets (HAHA!) and Andy.  Most of the time I run out of things to say to people.  My mom did raise me right in being polite, saying please and thank you, saying hello and I like to wish everyone to have a great day.  Sometimes people like that reminder that not everything that happens should bring us down.  A nice, "Have a great day" can always spark a smile in people. :) 

8.  Besides blogging, what other hobbies do you have?
I love to bake and cook, sew with my sewing machine or cross-stitch, read books on my Kindle, and exercize (biking, walking, running 5K's).

9.  Do you have any hidden talents?
I can sing, really well from what I am told.  I love to blast the radio and sing along.  :)

10.  How far away do you live from your childhood home?
LOL!  This is funny, I think I live 15 miles away from my childhood home.  

11.  What is your favorite dessert?
ICE CREAM for the win!  LOVE, love LOVVVVE Ice Cream.  It doesn't matter if it's ice cream, or frozen custard, or even frozen yogurt.  It's all delish in my eyes.  :) 

11 Questions for my Nominees

  1. Who do you consider your hero?
  2. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be?
  3. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?
  4. What is your favorite TV show of all time?
  5. What's the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you've ever owned and do you still have it?
  6. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be and who would it be with?
  7. If you could have any animal/creature, what would your ultimate pet be?
  8. What was your favorite toy as a child?
  9. What are you afraid of?
  10. If you could pick any other first and middle name for yourself, what would it be and why?
  11. If you won the lottery (1 million dollars), what would you do with the money?(Be Honest!)
I nominate...
  1. Beth @ My Life More Abundant
  2. Samantha @Life is But A Stream Thoughts 
  3. Ashlee @ Life Without Pink
  4. Danae @ Weekend Waitress
  5. Elyse @ My Life with A Cherry On Top
  6. Rebekah @ The Story of My Life
  7. Stephanie @ Wife Mommy Me
My favorite blogs that have just over 200 followers that I thought I would still nominate anyways...
  1. Amy @ The Story of Us
  2. Ashley @ Him and Her Plus Four
I apologize that I do not have 11 people to nominate.  I would love to nominate more, but they are just too far over 200 followers.  

Thanks to Kristen @ The Concrete Runner for this nomination!  It's exciting to know that people like to follow what I have to say.  :) 


Jenn said...

I wish I could develop some sort of routine that I could stick to, but I suck at it! There are just too many variables in my life.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for nominating me!

Mrs. Duh said...

We must have the same eyes! I was blessed with old-lady eyes in the second grade! Cute running shoes, too!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Routines are my life. Even the dog and cat know my morning routine because they are apart of it. Ask me again if I have any routines after kids! :) Haha!!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

You are very much welcome!! :)

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Thanks! I love my shoes, they are so fun and put a big smile on my face, even if they are neon pink! :)

Jen said...

Congrats on the Liebster, you very much deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the nomination I just filled mine out and it was a lot of fun :)

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