Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun is over....

This morning, we are headed home to Saint Louis.  We had a fabulous time with Nick and Laura, but we are ready to get back to our own home.  I am going to recap some of the fun events we did over the last 6 days later on this week.  

Wednesday starts training for real for the Komen Race for the Cure 5K on June 15th.  Back to healthy eating, working out, drinking tons of water, and keeping my portions under control.  

Monday, I went out to Target to get us some drinks and snacks to help get us home.  Not going to lie, but Dunkin Donuts will make it in our car for our breakfast drive home.  You gotta love those Munchkins (donut holes)  :)  One last hurrah before the "diet" begins.  I stopped by McDonalds for an Un-sweet Iced Tea with Splenda.  I don't know about ya'll, but I swear Iced Tea reminds me of summer.  :)  It makes me smile.

Drive home time: 6 hours 35 minutes.
Estimated time to get on the road: 5:30 AM

All I can say is, Thank god for my Kindle to keep me company and my pillow to keep me comfy in the car!  :) 

Back to work tomorrow, BOO!!


Jen said...

Safe travels!!! :)

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