Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Color Run 5K - Results

The Color Run


Wow, what an event!

First, I would like to point out that the weather was absolutely CRAPPY!!  It was cold, rainy and gloomy!  I wore the following:  my white Columbia jacket, a long sleeve white shirt, and my color run shirt.  Bottoms were black leggings and then grey workout pants on top of those.  Cold weather gear here people!! 

Me, before I left the house.  In my closet, obviously! 
Oh how I love Instagram!! :) 

I met my friend Ali up at her house at 7 AM and we went downtown with her soon to be sister in law Katie and Katie's friend Jacie.  The entire time driving it was drizzling.  Our deal was if it started to really rain, we were outta there.  Once we parked the car and walked to the start line, we waited patiently for the race to start.  We saw a bunch of people "cutting the race line" by going under the fenced off area.  We also "cut" the line.  It was cold and we just wanted it to start and get moving to stay warm.  I really had no idea how this race was going to run.  The first group was sent at 9am, second group at 9:15am (the group we were in).  It was amazing to see the amount of people headed down the street.  

Waiting to start this race!

The before the race photo, we were clean! :) 

The race is on and were going past Union Station!

We knew they threw color on you during the race but had no idea how or when they would do it.  Well we found out at the first blue banner.

There were these volunteers standing there after you pass under the blue banner and they spray this color on you which is powder.  Well mix water with powder and you get a mess, those poor people.  Funny thing is, you had to stand in line to get color sprayed on you.  At first you have no desire to get "messy" at least I was.  By the second banner, I was all for it.  Why not, it is called the Color Run for a reason!!  There were four different color stations: blue, yellow, orange and pink(it was really a reddish color)

The finish line, to prove I finished it!  :) 

I want to say our finishing time was 47 minutes, but we don't know for sure.  We started at 9:15 AM.  I checked the clocked when we went under the finish line and it was 10:02 AM, so I'm going with 47 minutes.  Not too bad since the weather was a crummy as it was and we walked most of it.  :) 

Normally after the race you join everyone in throwing more color in the air and get really colorful, but we had enough of the cold weather, so we threw our own individual color packets up, which were pink.  We then headed home.
Color all over!  Yep, there's pink in my hair and it's still there today....its fading eventually.

 Katie, Jacie, Ali and myself

Ali and I after, full of color!

The Color Run helps support Autism Awareness.  This was an amazing event and I would consider it again in the future.  


Mrs. Duh said...

that looks like fun, even with the bad weather! Congrats on completing the 5K! I'm wanting to sign up for a 5K, so I'll have to look into doing a color run...

Jen said...

Yay!!! So fun! :) I love your pictures, you did great.

Ali said...

The weather was soooo miserable but we still managed to have a great time! Glad we did it! :)

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