Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardinals vs. Brewers 5-2-2013

While in Wisconsin we had the opportunity to attend a Brewer's game when the Cardinals were in town.  Our seats we're not where we thought they were going to be, but they turned out pretty good.  We originally thought the seats were 5 rows behind home plate, field level.  Instead they were 5 rows behind home plate, only a level up.....

In Wisconsin they tailgate, something we do not do in Saint Louis.  I don't know if it's because of the lack of parking downtown or what, but it was a first for me to tailgate.  Of course, the day of the game it just had to be cold.  I'm talking rainy, 40-50 degree weather.  Boo on the weather that day!  We grilled some hot dogs and drank some beer.  I actually had two drinks that day {watch out now!}  I was hoping that it would help keep me warm.  :) 

Yes, Nick is wearing Cubs gear.....he does it just to make people mad at the stadium.  Even though Andy and I are Cardinals fans, it doesn't bother us because it's Nick!  The reason being that he loves the Cubs.  He grew up listening and seeing the games with his Grandfather as a kid.  I think we can give him a little slack for the Cubs gear then. 

Nick and Andy "pre-tailgating" at the house.

Brewer's Stadium, Miller Park

Nick smoking a cigar, drinking and covering up with a pink blanky!  Priceless!

Yep, here we go again with the many photos until we get a good one...HA!

I want to say that this is beer number 8 for Andy at this time too.

Good one!  :) Thanks Andy!!

Nick and Andy.  Best buddies!

Every time the Brewer's his a home run, Bernie {their mascot} slides down this slide.  It's pretty neat when you see it.  They always show him going down the slide at the beginning of the game.  No home runs were hit by the Brewer's that night, so no more sliding happened.

Panoramic view of the stadium with my hilarious husband in the picture. Somehow the panoramic photo made Andy's face all goofy looking.  I think I cried laughing so hard at this photo. 

The Cardinals up to bat!

The Cardinals of course ended up winning the game: 6-5 final score!

In all the Brewer's Stadium is a beautiful stadium.  It was a lot of fun and I am just waiting for my first game at Busch Stadium this year.  First game of the year for us: June 23rd vs Texas Rangers!


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