Friday, February 6, 2015

High Chair Smiles

What a week and boy am I glad it is almost over! Luke is finally on the mend from his sickies, my boss is back from being on vacation, and we received a tiny amount of snow/ice on Wednesday. I realllllllly wish we would get a good blizzard this year, but so far it's a no go with the white stuff. In fact tomorrow' high temp is suppose to be in the 60's. Any normal person would be excited about that, but to be honest I am not. Any time in the winter when the weather does this (changes from 20's to 60's and then back down to the 20's) you can almost bet that sickies will be right around the corner again. BOO! 

ONE - 

Hey there cute kid! Luke yesterday was in a great mood (for a good 5 minutes in the high chair) until Mommy took too long in making his sweet potatoes and he became increasingly hangry. Obviously this photo was taken before the hangry stage. :) 


Oh the romance from Andy.....I did laugh though when I received these funny "card" from Andy via text. The "lie in bed and look at my phone next too" is us every night in bed. HA!


I am wanting to do some new things to our home and one of the key things I'd like to do this year is put up a back splash in our kitchen. I found this one a couple weeks ago and fell in love! Just wish it was cheaper than $11.98 a piece! Good thing we don't need too much to make our kitchen purdy!

FOUR -  

Has anyone tried Trader Joe's pizza dough? We did a couple weeks ago and I LOVED it! Not only was the price on par ($1.99), but the taste was pretty good too. The only complaint I had was how hard it was to get it rolled out onto the pan. It took forever and we had to "patch" several holes with dough from the edges. We used Imo's cheese and sauce to compliment our pizza. 

Fit Me® Shine-Free Foundation - Maybelline New York

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder - Maybelline New York

New makeup time!  I've been eyeing this Maybelline brand because I had heard nothing but good reviews from it. I picked these up at CVS this week. They are on sale for buy 1, get 1 half off, plus I had a $3 manufactures coupon and $5 in store cash from CVS! I practically walked away with these for free. I cannot believe that I am using the color "classic ivory" but this girl hasn't been in the sun much at all the last couple of years.

 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


Jen said...

That backsplash is really pretty!! I'm sure it will look amazing.

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Okay that second card you posted is PERFECT for my husband, LOL! Do you know where it's from?

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