Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In a rut

I've been in a blah mood lately. I'm not depressed, I'm not sad, I'm just in a place where I feel stuck. It probably stems from the winter weather and it being cold out. When it's cold out, you don't want to go anywhere. When you have a baby, you REALLY don't want to go anywhere because you are lugging your baby around too. You don't want to get sick and your baby is bound to catch any and ALL sicknesses out there, so going out isn't much of an option either. 

The last 2 month's we have been dealing with a sickness every other week, no joke! Of course Luke picks up all sicknesses from being at daycare. He handles it all like a champ, so I can't really complain there. I just have to keep reminding myself that he is building up his immunity to all these illnesses. 

Then you hear about the measles outbreak and it's scaring the living crap out of me because my son is too young to receive the measles vaccine. I'm not here to preach about if you should or shouldn't get the vaccine, however; I am going to be PISSED if my son get the measles because you chose to not get your child vaccinated and now you have your child with measles and mine!  

I'm also in a rut with working out. I'm a slacker. I have no desire to get on the treadmill that's in my own house. My evenings are already short as they are and getting on the treadmill or working out with a video just doesn't sound like a good time to me. Literally when we get home it's: play with Luke, make dinner, eat dinner really fast, play with Luke more until he can no longer handle being awake, bath, bottle, baby to bed, and then I finally get to relax around 7 PM. I just need to suck it up and workout. 

So there you go and that is where my head is at. At least I have this adorable baby, that is what makes my world go round!

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Jen said...

I can relate to this so much, I just feel like I'm getting through the days but not really enjoying them. Hugs friend I hope it gets better.

Sara McCarty said...

Amen. I'm right there in the rut with you. I'm so ready for warm weather and sunshine.

Linnea said...

Hopefully some warm weather comes your way and makes it better. I get stuck in a rut too, for no reason really!

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