Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Work Environment: Men vs. Women

The title of this post probably sounds like it's going to be very feminist, but in all actuality, it's no where near it. In fact, I am going to just point blank say it: I work better with men than women. It's taken me 16 years to figure this out, but seriously, I can work with men so much better than women. I don't know if it's me or them, but I just have a hard time with it. 

I've worked many jobs since the age of 16 years old and every job where I have had a male boss, my work quality is better, my work relationship with that boss is better and my happiness level is better. With women I've always had issues working with and for them. In fact every job I've had, all of my women bosses (except one) and I have not worked as best as I did with a male boss. But I just keep trucking on and working, because there's nothing I can do. Just grin, bear it and go home. I always say, "I just do my job and then go home". 

My mom taught me at a very young age to be respectful, say please and thank you, and work hard and in return you shall be rewarded (it doesn't always happen....). The one important thing I have learned and still struggle with is, "Leave your work at work and your home at home". Especially now with having Luke, I want to leave my work at home (I'm not talking about actual work either). I don't want to bring my drama or bad mood home and effect that quality time I have with Luke.

Yesterday while driving home I was in a bad mood because of work. I tried to shake it but my brain wouldn't stop. My bad mood was brought into the house and effected me. While eating dinner Luke kept staring at me and smiling. I am talking hard core staring at me and wouldn't stop until I looked at him. The minute I looked at him, he would smile. That right there snapped me out of my bad mood and reminded me, "LEAVE YOUR BAD MOOD AT WORK"!!

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Jen said...

I am the exact same way!!! I have always worked better with men, women are too competitive.

Sara McCarty said...

I am so guilty of bringing my work (and my bad attitude associated with work) home with me. But you're right, a big goofy grin from a baby seems to wipe the slate clean and cures the most rotten day at the office.

Linnea said...

It is really hard to leave work at work. I struggle with that as well.

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