Friday, November 21, 2014

Looking forward to the weekend


I made it through my first week back from maternity leave and Luke made it through his first week of daycare!  Oh how I cannot wait for 3:30 PM when I get off work, pick up Andy and Luke and then head home to spend all weekend with my little family!  The weekends will be even more cherished now that we have a little one.  


How can you tell that one is a "new mom".  Just look in her purse!  I picked this awesome Petuna Picklebottom purse/diaper bag up for $20 on a buy/sell/trade site on Facebook 2 months ago and couldn't wait to use it!  I have stashed in here my usual Jessica things: chapstick, wallet, hand sanitizer, lotion, nail clipper, and keys.  But I also have my new Mom things: 2 diapers, some wipes, an extra pacifier "Bink", and a bottle with formula in it.  I didn't want to carry around Luke's usual diaper bag around as my purse also, so I have these things in my Mom purse so that I am prepared at any moment!


Wednesday morning I decided that I needed to decorate my office for Christmas.  :)  I got out my little fiber optic tree and purchased some $1 garland from Target!  

Christmas 1-Piece Microfleece PJs

Christmas jammies for Luke!  Oh how I love jammies and Christmas jammies are even better!!  So far Luke has 2 pairs of Christmas jammies and he may even get a third.....LOL!


This is what shopping with a baby looks like now.  We just pile all the groceries around Luke.  :)  This was our Sam's trip on Thursday night.  Lots of goodies including formula.  


Mommy and baby snugs on Thursday night.  I can't believe how fast Luke is growing.  I love picking him up from daycare because he just lights up and smiles and Andy and I.  Melt my Heart!

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Jen said...

I buy our nieces and nephew Christmas jammies every year and it's so fun!

Ali said...

Awww. Miss you guys already. Yay for the weekend!

StephTheBookworm said...

Yay, so glad you made it through your first week okay! Omg, I love baby pajamas. I have tons for Caleb already.

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