Monday, November 10, 2014

Luke Andrew - 1 Month Old

I see now where every mom says that time flies by! I cannot believe that Luke is already 1 month old! Yes I am getting this out a little bit late, but at least I'm getting this written because I know I'll enjoy reading this for years to come! :)

Month: One - October 12th, 2014

Height: 22 3/4 (up 1 inch from birth) This puts him in the 90th percentile.

Weight: 10.2 pounds (up 2 pounds from birth) This puts him in the 50th percentile.

Diaper Size: 1 (he has been in this size since birth.  I am sure he could have worn the newborn diapers at birth, but the nurses put him in size 1 and I just stuck with size 1.)

Clothing Size: we started in newborn clothing, then grew a little bit more and we are now wearing 0-3 months and 3 month clothing.  The weather has been a bit tricky here in St. Louis and has fluctuated between 50 degrees and 85 degrees.  Luke has worn both summery clothing and fall/winter clothing.  Just depends on the day!

Sleep:  it has been all over the place!  It also has to do with Luke's anemia.  In the beginning he was sleeping between 2 and 4 hours in-between feedings, but ever since he has had the blood transfusion his sleep has been every 2-3 hours in-between feedings.  Also with us bringing him home on the billi-bed/billi-blanket he wouldn't sleep in his crib so he slept in either the Rock n Play or the Bouncer.  Then he would only sleep on me so we had lots of nights of sleeping on the couch.  Then one night (October 17th to be exact) Luke would not calm down and go to sleep so I took him to his room to rock him and just tried out the crib and he slept in the crib.  Ever since that day, its been sleeping in the crib at night.  We start our bedtime routine at 8pm.  Andy gives Luke a bath, then I take him and give him a bottle (usually 4 ounces) and place him in his bed.  He might cry a little and I have to go back in to give him his pacifier but then he passes out.   

Eating: nursing and eating 3-4 ounce bottles of formula. We had to supplement with formula from day one because of his jaundice issues. Unfortunately Luke became accustomed to the bottle and I never could produce enough milk for him so we nurse and supplement each feeding.  I am still determined to breastfeed Luke so I have upped my Fenugreek to the maximum dosage (6 mg.) and started to drink Mother's Milk Tea (one cup in the morning and one cup before bed).  We are using Enfamil Infant Formula.

Likes: bath time, sleeping on his mama, feeding time, "walking" around the neighborhood, comfy cozy blankets, pacifier, his play mat, mama singing to him, sitting in his bouncer while mama showers, getting dressed for the day, our daily routine, his carseat/car ride, the stroller, baby wearing (likes both the Moby wrap and the Ergo)

Dislikes:  being cold, not getting fed when he is ready, his anemia, gas, hiccups

Firsts: smiling, First trip to the Pumpkin Patch, Sunday shopping with Mommy, Grandma and Jena, pretty much everything we did this month was a first for him :) 


Jen said...

He is such a cutie pie!!!! :)

StephTheBookworm said...

That's great that you got him in the crib! I hope I have no trouble getting my little one in the crib when we're ready for it. Luke is way too cute for words!

Ali said...

Yay Buddy! : )

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