Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I like Popsicles!

I had EVERY intention on posting this Monday and didn't.....
Oh Well!  I still want to recap my weekend! :) 

The weekend is over and now we start another week.  Ordinarily I would complain that it's Monday and I don't want to work, but then again I should only have to deal with work for another 8 weeks (10 at the very least if I go over my due date and most doctors won't let you go past 2 weeks over due).  I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to go on maternity leave....

Friday - we went out to dinner that night with our neighbors, Ryan and Melissa.  We got back home and then I realized I needed to get to Target to get cat litter and I wanted to take advantage of the $20 off $100 in the baby section of Target.  I didn't want to go on Saturday because I kept hearing that the diapers were flying off the shelves.  I picked my mom and sister up and away we went shopping.  Our first stop was the baby department (diapers specifically) and as per expected the aisle was pretty much wiped clean of the sale diapers.  Somehow I did luck out and find 2 boxes of Size 1 Pampers Baby Dry.  I was hesitant on purchasing any newborn sized diapers since we have 8 weeks to go in him growing and I am not sure how big he will be.  I also had 2 - $3.00 off coupons for the diapers and if you purchased 2 boxes of diapers, you got a $10 gift card!  I then decided to get some travel diaper wipes and picked up 2 packages since I also had 2 - $0.50 coupons for each one.  My total spend so far was $50 and I had NO idea what else to purchase.  If I wanted the $20 off $100 I was going to need to spend at least another $50.....  Then my brain went blank and I had NO idea what to purchase.  I think it had to do with that I hadn't had my baby showers yet and I didn't want to purchase something that I registered for and have 4 baby showers coming up.  My mom asked if I had any burp cloths and we picked up some Gerber Newborn gauze pre-fold diapers which work perfectly as burp cloths.  I also picked up several baby washes and lotions (those will never go bad and we will need them), some pacifier wipes, and 2 tubes of diaper rash cream (seriously there's like 10 different brands and types to purchase....)  I felt pretty good about my purchases but seriously, I had no idea I would become so "brain dead" in purchasing baby stuff.  I could have gotten some bottles but had no idea which brand.  I could have gotten some breast feeding supplies, but I want to make sure that I will be able to stick with it (which I have EVERY desire to do so).  
After work on Friday, Andy took this photo of the Keeley and I!

Saturday - was a nice and relaxing day and I am happy to report, I FINALLY GOT MY POOL DAY IN!!!!  I picked my mom and sister up to go to lunch (the ever fun Dairy Queen) and then we went back to my moms house to spend time in the pool.  We even spent time painting the piggies (our toes) and I did a pretty good job on the toes considering I have this basketball in my way!  That evening Andy and I went out to dinner to O'Charley's which was a nice and unexpected surprise to spend a nice evening together.  :) 

My favorite thing to wear on the weekends now.
Tank top, comfy shorts and flip flops.

Pretty toes!
Hot pink with a sparkle coat.  LOVE!

Sunday - we spent the day over at Andy's parents house.  Andy was helping get the yard together for my first baby shower.  He, along with my father in law and his sister's fiance put out over 5 yards of mulch all throughout the yard.  After he was done, he was beat!  The yard looks great, so many thanks to the boys and all their hard work!
My lilies finally bloomed out front!!


My bump, it looks like he is hanging out on my right side here.

My newest craving!
 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


StephTheBookworm said...

I used 3 of those Target coupons with my parents over the weekend lol. We got the bassinet, crib, and dresser. :)

Yay, your showers will be so fun!!

Linnea said...

Your lilies look to pretty!

Jen said...

You are seriously so cute! Love the pictures.

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