Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Weekend

What a non-catchy title for this post.....but it's whatever.

Thursday night - my brother had my family over for a BBQ and fireworks.  Claire wasn't too thrilled with the fireworks (loud sounds), but she LOVED the fountain fireworks.  Those are her favorite. I did manage to get a couple photos of the kids and I.  We got home that night around 10 pm (party people over here......) and while I was getting ready for bed I noticed my left foot was sooooo swollen.  It swelled up pretty good because of the way I was sitting on the driveway.  My brother's driveway has a slight hill to it and I was sitting in a camping chair on the hill.  I think the chair and the hill caused my foot to swell.  It also didn't help that I wore flip flops all day long.

Friday (4th of July) - was pretty dull until later that evening.  We ran several errands and got some house work done but I won't lie, a lot of time was spent on the couch.  Not only so that I could get the swelling down on my foot, but because I was just plain tired!  That evening we spent with our neighbors, Ryan and Melissa and shot off probably 3 hours worth of fireworks in front of their house.  It was a blast and I even stayed up past 12 AM!!  (insert gasping sound!)  I seriously cannot remember the last time that I stayed up that late.  So sad, but true!  
I had to document me staying up past 12 AM!  LOL!!

Saturday - I ended up sleeping until 11:30 am....I felt so bad and apologized to Andy about a bajillion times.  We had plans to get a bunch done around the house, but because I slept so long, we didn't get anything done around the house that morning.  We ran out to Lowe's to get a stand for the Japanese beetle bag (I'll explain about these in a separate post) and then went out to Michael's for some frames.  I purchase a long time ago some Disney prints that I want to frame and put in Baby Boy's room.  I found the frames (11x17) on clearance for $6 a piece!! AWESOME DEAL!  That afternoon we went over to Andy's parents house for dinner.  We BBQ'd hot dogs and hamburgers and it all came out tasting fantastic!  I could eat BBQ for every meal!  :)  We came back home that evening and I got a "second wind" of energy.  I ended up vacuuming the entire house and got the laundry washed, dried and put away all before bed!  I redeemed myself from sleeping so long that morning.

Sunday - I knew I was going to be busy most of the day.  Remember back in January when we surprised my sister with ticket's to see Fallout Boy in July?  Well that day had finally come (July 6th) and Fallout Boy was in town.  She was SO excited for this concert.  Of course the weather was absolutely gorgeous out until Sunday, the day of the concert that is to take place OUTSIDE!  We ate dinner at an Italian place called Caleco's and then made our way to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.  We got there around 5:30 (the gates were suppose to open at 5) but they didn't open them until around 6.  My feet were killing me and the heat was really starting to get to me.  Jena picked out a tshirt and wrist bands at the souvenirs spot and then we made our way to the seats.  I knew we would be pretty close to the stage, but I didn't realize we would be THAT close to the stage!  I would say we were a good 20 feet away from the stage and the huge speakers.  I couldn't believe it and then I realized, I should have brought some ear plugs (that comment right there makes me sounds really old....)  The opening act was New Politics and they were pretty good.  I hadn't heard any of their songs before, but liked what I could hear.  Paramore was next and they were my favorite!  Seriously, Hayley Williams (the lead singer) is awesome live!  She has so much energy and sang every song flawless!! LOVED their set!  They played for a good hour and 30 minutes.  Last to come on was Fallout Boy and they were good also.  They had lots of pyrotechnics with their show and we could feel the heat coming from the fireworks on the stage.  Pete Wentz was playing a good 75% on our side of the stage which was fine by me because he is the only one of the group that I knew a little about.  My only complaint about the show (again, showing my oldness here....) that the bass was SO loud that it was really hard to hear the singers actually sing!  If the drums were turned down just a little bit, it would have been able to hear the singers sing the songs.  
At the concert, waiting for it to start

At dinner 

New Politics


Fallout Boy!

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Linnea said...

Looks liek a really fun weekend. I could eat a bbq meal all the time as well!

Jen said...

What a fun weekend!!!! :) Oh how I love BBQ!

StephTheBookworm said...

How fun! The dog is sooo cute!

It's a shock to see me up past midnight too... even before I was pregnant. Haha!

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