Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bump Date - 30 Weeks!

Man I look so chipper when I take these photos.....
they get taken at 6 am when I am walking downstairs to finish getting ready to leave for work.

How far along: 30 Weeks!!
70 days to go till my due date!  

Baby Size: The size of a cabbage, weights around 2.75 pounds, and is around 15.7 inches long.

Weight gain: 10 pounds 

Maternity clothes: I'd say 95% maternity.  I can still wear comfy shorts that are not maternity.

Stretch marks: none that I see
Sleep: I think I jinxed myself....I WAS sleeping great until Sunday night.  I stupidly had a Starbucks Frap with caffeine around 6 pm that night and WOW did that caffeine keep me from being sleepy.  I haven't slept well since Saturday night.
Gender: Baby BOY!!

Movement: All the time and loving it!

Best moment this week: Getting the wall vinyl up on the walls of the nursery and hanging the curtains!  The nursery is almost done and I am so excited.  It is, hands down, my favorite room in the whole house right now.
Looking forward to: 3 day weekend and the 4th of July!  To be honest, we have no plans as of right now.  The only thing that I would like to do on the 4th is get some pool time in, but no clue if that will happen right now.

Food cravings: nothing new here, blueberry muffins (I will say, that I am getting tired of these though....LOL), apple slices, cherries, veggie sticks, salads, sandwiches (which I limit myself and am only allowed a sandwich every 2 weeks or so).
  Anything making you queasy or sick: still the odd days of my eating.  One day I will be STARVING!!  The next day, I eat like a bird.  Very odd.
Labor Signs: None, let's keep it this way for another 8+ weeks!
What I miss: Diet soda, sleeping on my tummy, my energy, being able to climb the stairs without being winded
Symptoms: upper back ache and exhaustion (nothing new once again)

Nursery: put the furniture protection on the glider and possibly work on another wall of the nursery, otherwise it is mostly complete!

Belly Button in or out? still an innie and its realllllllly stretched out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!  

Mood: Not too bad.  Just in a real thought stage about everything.  Looking forward to the 3 day weekend and just relaxing!  I am also realllllllly looking forward to my baby showers in the next several weeks! :) 
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Linnea said...

I hope you have a Happy 4th of July and a great weekend! Yay for 30 weeks! You look great.

StephTheBookworm said...

Good for you for craving healthy foods! I've never been a fruit or veggie fan but am trying to make an effort in being better about it now! I miss Diet Soda too!

Jen said...

Wow only 70 days?!!?!?! Crazy!

Ali said...

The home stretch!! You look awesome!

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