Thursday, May 28, 2015

Luke's Nursery

This post is a LONG time coming now! I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about Luke's room. Especially since it's my favorite room in the entire house!

It was always known that our first child's room would be "Finding Nemo" themed. Now try to create a room with the theme of "Finding Nemo" when the movie last came out in 2003 (the year that Andy and I graduated high school....) At first the thought of creating a room sounded daunting, but in the end I think it came out great without it looking like Nemo threw up all over the room. :)  

First up was the paint color. I knew that I either wanted a teal or ocean blue color for the room with a possibility of an orange accent wall. I also had Andy agree to do stripes on one wall. I chose some paint colors at Lowe's even before knowing the gender of the baby. I then began to second guess my color choices because I thought if we were having a girl, I would then want more of girly colored room. Also the thought of teal colored walls with an orange accent wall began to make my head hurt and I began to second guess my color options. Back to Lowe's we went and Andy decided on agreeing to paint one wall with chevron stripes. I was soooooo excited for those chevron stripes. We chose a bright blue color for 3 of the walls and 2 different grey colors for the chevron stripes! 

Painting began in April (2014) with the help of our ex-neighbors (long story, but basically we are no longer friends with them). The 3 walls received the blue color and the grey wall received it's first coat of paint, the lighter grey color. They then used a chalk line and measured out and taped where the dark grey color would be painted in. In the end, the paint job came out great and I was so pleased with the results! Our ex-neighbors also helped designed some vinyl stickers to add to the wall. This is where the pop of orange color came in effect. I designed Luke's name and we even were able to cut out of vinyl a Nemo and Dory for the wall. 

Next step was to get some furniture in that room! We knew we wanted white furniture in there seeing the color of the room came out, we knew the white furniture would pop just perfectly in there! My mom graciously purchased Luke a gorgeous white dresser, Andy's parents so kindly purchased the tan rocker/glider and we received the crib from my brother (his kids used this crib also). The crib originally was a dark brown color and we thought it would be easy-peasy to paint the crib white. WRONG! Note to those out there, just get a new crib in the color you want! We spent over $60 in spray paint alone just to get that crib white. We also purchased a white bookshelf for the room from Ikea when we went there in April. I love his bookshelf, seeing that it is so unique. My only complaint about the bookshelf is, it doesn't hold books that well. We also picked up a white side table from Ikea to put next to the rocker/glider. I found the "Finding Nemo" prints online from someone selling them. I purchased them for $15. We found some white frames at Michael's to put the prints in but I wanted a little bit more orange pop to the room. So we spray painted them orange. I think the prints look great against the orange frame!

Obviously this post was written a-while ago. Now that Luke moves around in his crib we have moved the crib up against the wall under his "Luke" name so that he cannot pull or possibly choke on the monitor cord.  We are also wanting to get another white bookshelf for his room to display his books. I want to make it a habit once he gets older to pick out a book at night to read before he goes to bed. I think we will just convert his crib into a toddler bed and then when we decide to have baby #2 the crib will be moved over to the baby and Luke will get a big boy bed. 

Well there you have it and I am sooooo glad that I was finally able to share his room with you all. Like I said, its my favorite room of the house! :) 
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Emily said...

I love his room-you guys did a great job! We have a white crib too, I would hate to try and paint that thing!

Jen said...

I love everything about his room! The colors and the patterns, it's perfect. :)

Linnea said...

The room looks great!!!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! I love the colors, and his whole nursery is so darn precious! You did well, mama!

Hallie Oceanside said...

You guys did such a great job!

Anonymous said...

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