Friday, March 13, 2015

Rain and LOTS of it!

Thank goodness it is Friday! Seriously, this week was dragged on and I thought it was never going to end! Yesterday just felt like a Friday so it kinda feels like groundhog day today since today is really Friday. It's a rainy and dreary Friday at that! At least it's been nice all the other days this week and we were able to get out daily evening walks in. Keeley and Luke are in heaven during those walks. :) 

Photo 1: My thoughts on this rainy Friday. At least it's Friday!
Photo 2: A boy and his dog on their evening walk. LOVE!

Today I am picking up my car from the shop. I can't go into detail at the moment of what happened, but let's just say I got into an accident (thankfully Luke and Andy were NOT with me that morning and I am OK too) and the poor Prius (that isn't even a year old) needed to be fixed. As much fun as the rental has been (Nissan Rouge), I am ready to be back in my Prius. 

I am not a very fancy blogger. I have used to write my blogs and to read my favorite blogs and lately, it has been making me disgruntled. I am finding that most of my favorite blogs that I have listed in the left hand column of are showing up in my feed, but some are not. What is up with that? Also, I used to get an email every time someone would comment on my blog that was posted for that day and now I am not. Am I doing something wrong? 

Well anyways, I have decided to move my blog reading over to BlogLovin'. I am soooooo late to the game in this and have had Blog Lovin' for a good 2 years now, but I am finally taking the plunge in actually using Blog Lovin. 

Better Together and Forever

Luke turned 6 months old yesterday! How can he be that old already!?! But then again I look back at life before Luke and it's hard to ever imagine our life without him in it! It's been the best and hardest 6 months of my life and I wouldn't change a thing about it! He is the happiest, calm and generally in a good mood baby. 

Speaking of Mr. Luke, it is time once again to move his bottle nipples up to the fast flow. I noticed this morning that he is collapsing the nipples because he is too fast at drinking the bottles. Thank goodness for and their deals. As much as I like to shop in local stores, I prefer the prices on more often than in store deals. I picked up 3 packages of these and 3 packages of these. :) 

I love to look every once in awhile at the Buy Sell Trade pages on Facebook in my area and came across a deal that I just couldn't pass up. A lady posted her son's Baby Einstein's Jumperoo up for $15! I jumped at the chance at getting it and was the first to comment so it was mine!!!  Luke tried it for the first time yesterday and while it took him some time to get use to since it's not exactly like his Fisher Price jumperoo, I think he will love it in time. It will be nice to bring this outside too so that both Andy and I can get stuff done outside but Luke will also be entertained also since he's not crawling or walking yet.

 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


Jen said...

I am having the same issue with blogger and it's really frustrating! :(

Ali said...

Yesterday ABSOLUTELY felt like a Friday. Messed me all up. And that jumperoo is too cute!

Ali said...

And your sad pic made me giggle. ; )

StephTheBookworm said...

I'm glad you're okay! Accidents are awful. I've been rear ended twice... no fun and very scary!

I LOVE Bloglovin. I use the app on my phone plus use it on the computer. Syncs well and easy to use.

I love the swap groups on Facebook too. We have an awesome mom swap one and I get so much from it! You had a great find there! Wow!

Sara McCarty said...

We have that Jumperoo and Mim loves it! Sorry to hear about the accident - so glad that you're ok!

Melissa said...

How is Luke already 6 months old?! It's madness! They grow too fast :)

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