Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So very tired

The hardest part about blogging, the starting of a new blog post.  I always have a hard time coming up with a Title and really the content of the blog post for the day.  Maybe it's because I am due in 2 days.  Maybe it's because I have no desire to work.  Maybe it's because I am lazy.  Maybe it's a combo of all 3.  :)

  • I really am tired of being pregnant.  I hate to say that because it's a miracle and I am carrying a life in me, however; I am so very tired.  My back aches, the constant punching in my lower region, the contractions that are not consistent, the constant questions from my co-workers, "So no baby yet?"  OBVIOUSLY SINCE I'M HERE!!  
  • Today is hopefully my last day of work.  It was going to be tomorrow, Wednesday, but I've decided I cannot handle it any longer and would like a day off of work before my possible induction on Wednesday night/Thursday morning (midnight)
  • Yes, you read that right, induction Wednesday night if I don't go into labor tonight.
  • My doctor prefers to induce between 40 and 41 weeks, and I will be at 40 weeks on Thursday.
  • I am tired of being pregnant, however; the thought of birth is starting to freak me out a bit....(where's the emoji's for blogger?)
  • I know that Keeley and Smokey can sense that life will change here shortly.  I am hoping for a smooth transition.  We have a new toy waiting to give to Keeley the day we bring the baby home.  We will have Andy bring home 2 blankets, one for each animal, so that they can get use to baby boys smell.  I will make sure to walk into the house without the baby (that will be Andy's job) and to give lots of attention to both fur-babies.  
  • Fall weather is coming and it looks like we will be taking a baby boy home in the Fall weather!  The weekends high is looking to be in the 60's!  
  • Kind of a bummer about the fall weather because I would have liked to swim in the pools at least one more time....
  • Last weekend we had a great weekend relaxing with friends.  It was so sweet of our friends to come in from Wisconsin once again and we also had our good friends and neighbors over for a BBQ.  
Here are photos from our weekend!

1. I forgot to mention that Thursday, Sept 4th was Keeley's Birthday.  She was spoiled by a special treat, 2 chicken nuggets and a couple french fries.  What a lucky duck!
2. and 3.  Smokey is a cuddle bug with his mama lately!
4.  My poor feet on Friday night were SO swollen!  It had to do with the extreme temps (100 degrees) and me walking around.
1.  Nick and Andy hanging out.  They have been best friends since childhood
2. Laura!  She is Nick's wife and an awesome friend!
3.  Nick and Laura's dogs, Mesha and Wrigley.  
4. Mesha is a big dog, but such a sweetheart

1.  Smokey and Keeley (Smokey is on my hospital bag)
2.  Sunday cuddles with my puppy
3.  Keeley was attached at my hip
4.  3 besties playing!

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Jen said...

Come on, Baby Boy!!!!! Mommy is tired.

StephTheBookworm said...

Been thinking of you today and hoping it ends up being the big day! Can't wait to see pics of your little guy!

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