Thursday, April 2, 2015


Wow, I didn't think for the month of March that I would have taken so much time off of blogging, but I did. I don't feel guilty at all for it either. March was a really tough month emotionally for me. Nothing majorly happened, it's just everything decided to hit me at once and I had no desire to talk about it at all. 

So here are some things lately to catch up with you all....

This cutie turned 6 months old on March 12th!

We celebrated my 31st birthday early on Saturday, March 14th with a delicious breakfast from The Pancake House! Oh my gosh, it was soooooooo good! I had the lemon blueberry pancakes, hashbrowns and fresh squeezed orange juice!

We are a teething fool lately! Note to all Mommy's, DONT put teethers like this one in a sterilizer and microwave it....they explode....DUH! 

Here we are practicing with our sippy cup. We are using these and these with Luke right now. Caution though, these are NOT spill proof! We are just trying to get Luke use to sippy cups right now.

First time swinging in the airplane swing on March 11th! His Uncle Jack, Uncle Joe and Aunt Jena used this swing when they were babies along with his cousins Jackson and Claire. It has now been passed down to us for Luke to use! :) 

Daddy and Luke making funny faces in the bathroom mirror.

6 month pediatrician check up on March 16th! 
The paper on the exam table is just so fun! :) 

Sick little dude on March 18th. 
We had conjunctivitis in the right eye, a cough, runny/stuffed up nose and eventually a double ear infection. Poor little dude!

Spending the day with Mommy on her birthday because little dude was still sick. 
At least he was still smiling! :) 

Luke is a jumperoo fool!!

Luke trying out his big boy car seat! 
I discovered at his 6 month check up that he is 29 inches long and his infant car seat fits up to 30 inches.....dang it! That means we are moving to the big boy car seat soon. Here he is trying it out in the guest room. He looks thrilled, doesn't he? We have this one and the grey one. The blue one is going in Mommy's car because I like that color the best. HAHA!

Smokey has the entire bed to himself and he chooses to lie on the smallest spot possible and is almost falling off....what a goof!

Luke making messes in the living room. He looks quite proud of himself too.

Mommy and Luke on Sunday, March 22nd. He looks so cute here!!
P.S. he needs a haircut again, already!

Luke playing in his other jumperoo at home. 
He has also gotten his blood drawn that day, 
that's why he has a bandage on his left arm.

Smokey loving on his Momma!

Fingers were meant to help with teething, right Ma?

"Oh, hey guys. I got bored in the car and decided to play with my car seat cover...."

We have discovered our voice and love to sing loudly for all to hear!

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StephTheBookworm said...

Sorry to hear March was a rough month for you. We all have some bad times. I hope you're feeling better now! Luke is way too cute, and so tall! I think Caleb is going to be tall too. He was 24 inches at his 2 month check up!

Jen said...

Please tell me how he is already 6 months old?!? Too cute!

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