Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween PJ Party Link-Up

My first PJ Party Link-Up and I am so excited!  My little one has his cute little Halloween jammies on (thanks be to Dad who put him in these last night after bath because I wouldn't have and then I wouldn't have remembered to link up with you all today) and I am so thrilled to share these photos with you!  I know that the best time to get photos of Luke is right after his first morning bottle.  He is happy and I can get lots of smilers out of him.  

Best photo out of the bunch!

Here's hoping that I can get some cute photo's of Luke in his Halloween costume with his cousins Jackson and Claire!  :) 

 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


StephTheBookworm said...

The cutest! He has great facial expressions!

Jen said...

Oh he is so cute! I just love his facial expressions.

~Dawn~ said...

Aww, Halloween jammies are the cutest :)

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