Monday, June 3, 2013

5 for Five #20

Monday morning is here and so is the month of June!

Don't you hate it when you get lots of sleep over the weekend and then your sleep Sunday night into Monday morning is horrible and you have just screwed up your "built in extra sleep" time you built up over the weekend is now gone!?!!  That was me once again last night.  I woke up at 2:30am and my brain would not shut off.  Stupid brain.

Let's get back to setting goals with:

Thanks to Jenn and Jessica for this fabulous link up as always!!

Since I haven't linked up with Jenn and Jess in almost a month, I have no goals to see if I have achieved them or not, so we will start fresh with all new goals this week.

  1. Work out 3 times this week (Race for the Cure 5k is in 12 days and I did not work out once last week, its crunch time!!)
  2. Walk on lunch at least 2 times this week (I would say more, but the rain is non stop these days in Saint Louis)
  3. Get more green foods in my diet.  The past 3 days I have been HORRIBLE with no green.  Very bad!!
  4. Start typing instructions on how to run payroll at my work.  This needs to be started ASAP!!
  5. Keep sewing on my cross stitch.

I cannot believe that the month of June is already here and I am thrilled to see it.  Now if only the weather would start to cooperate and act like summer is just around the corner!!  Today's high: 70 degrees.  Huh??  That's crazy talk!


Jenn @ Party of One said...

Okay, I completely KNOW what you mean about the whole sleeping great over the weekend and then BAM! Sunday night comes and throws you all off again. No good! Anyways, I'm SO GLAD that you're back for {5 for Five}! You have some fantastic goals this week ahead- I know you can do them! I really, really love the idea of walking on your lunch break- I think that's fantastic! When I was working I always thought about doing that but I never did...I'm excited for you to make it happen!

Also, I LOVE the idea of getting more green in your diet! Let me know how you do it. I need tips as always :)

GREAT LUCK this week! You can do it!

Jen said...

I know I can't believe it's June either!

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