Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Roadtrip to Alabama

My mom, Aunt Nancy and I decided to roadtrip it to Alabama to visit family over the weekend.  Here is a recap and photos of our fantastic weekend.

Thursday - My mom and I worked that day so we didn't hit the road until almost 6pm that night.  I had driving to Alabama myself the year before and thought it was an easy ride to get there, boy was I wrong.  You dont realize how slow it seems you are travelling in the dark!  I swear it took us soooo long to get anywhere.  We decided to stop that night in Nashville and get a hotel room.  I was excited because I have never stopped in Nashville before.  Always drove past it, but never visited it. 

Friday -  That morning we got up and I had wanted to see The Grand 'Ol Opry really bad.  I do love country music and you always hear about The Grand 'Ol Opry, so I wanted to see it and say, "I was there, I've seen that"!!  :)   We also wanted to go to an outlet mall to do a little shopping before we headed down to Huntsville, Alabama.  Low and behold, the outlet mall is literally 20 feet from The Grand 'Ol Opry, SCORE!!  The Opry was awesome!!  We could have done the tour inside, but we really needed to get going, so we decided to skip it. Someday, I will go inside.  Haha!  

In the mall there was the AWESOME restaurant called, "Aquarium Restaurant".  It was unbelievable!!  I really want to take Andy to there one day because it was so cool to see!  My mom and I took photos in front of just a few of the aquarium's around the restaurant.  I wish St. Louis had a restaurant like that here!

 My mama and me

We then were off to Huntsville, Alabama to see our family.  We went to visit my cousin Jennifer, her husband Geoff and their girls Maddy and Hadley, my cousin Adrienne, her husband Sam and their boys Liem and Dexter, and my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Janice.  I got to see Jennifer's new house and LOVED it!!  It was a great house for them to grow into.  We made some delicious peanut butter cookies and had a great time catching up.

Maddy helping make Peanut Butter Cookies

Hadley helping making Peanut Butter Cookies

Saturday - we spent the day just talking and enjoying each others company.  We decided to go see a movie, "The Impossible".  This movie was about the 2004 Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean.  It was a good movie, but a huge tear jerker.  I'm glad my mom told me what was going to happen because I am huge cry baby and would not have been able to relax at this movie if I hadn't know what was going to happen in the end.   After the movie we went over to my Uncle's house for dinner.  My Aunt Janice made us lasagna and it was delish!  

Maddy playing the trumpet, she can seriously get a real trumpet sound out of it!

The girls in their play room

Dexter wanting to play cards

Adrienne, Sam, Liem and Dexter

Hadley brushing Mommy's hair

Check out Hadley's adorable curls she brushed herself.  Haha

Me and Jennifer, we are only 9 months apart in age

The girly's in their princess dresses, how adorable are they!?!!

Sunday - my mom, Aunt Nancy and I headed home.  We left Hunstville around 11am and got home around 7pm.  We made a pit stop in Benton, Illinois to visit the graves of my Grandparents and Great Parents.  A very special moment for all of us to remember. 

How do you know you're driving into St. Louis, you see the Arch and Busch Stadium!
The best baseball city ever!!

In all, this weekend was a very special time we had with our extended family.  I loved being with all of them but was glad to come home also.  

So sorry for all the rambling and many photos, I just wanted to share with you all the fun times I had.  :) 


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