Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Boy o Boy am I glad it's a short week, this week!  
An exciting one at that!!

Friday night - Normally I have NO desire to cook dinner on Friday night, but came up with the idea to get a rotisserie chicken from Walmart in their food section.  Good choice here by myself.  :)  We had never had one and I thought its slow cooked chicken, just take the skin off and eat the meat.  So we had chicken, rice and I had a can of green beans.  It came out really good, and it was nothing to put together.  Andy wanted to play some of his game on the computer so I went out with my mom to Hallmark and Target.  There are so many cute ornaments out right now, but the cheep me decided that I didn't need any right now.  My mom stocked me up a long time ago when I was a kid on ornaments.  Andy was also still getting over his cold and asked that I pick him up some Sudafed.  What a good wife I am!  :)

Saturday - clean, clean, clean, clean and some more clean.  I feel so much better when I can clean up the house on Saturday's.  I also got the guest room together because we had our best friends stay the night, Nick and Laura!  More on them in a minute.  I watched a movie and then decided I needed to take Keeley on a walk before the sun went down.  We went on the longest walk ever and loved every minute of it.  I wish my neighborhood was a little bit bigger, but you gotta use what you have.  We walked for about an hour and I hit my daily 10,000 steps for the day.  Go me!  I had every intention on making turkey sausage links for dinner, but Andy wasn't too keen on that idea, so Penn Station for dinner it was.  Calorie amount was more than I wanted for dinner, but it still wasn't too bad.  I had the tuna salad.  YUMMO!!  Nick and Laura came over around 9pm and we watched the movie, "The Campaign".  Pretty funny from what I saw, but I fell asleep....whoops!  

Sunday - Cheat day for me.  Can I just say, cheat day did not feel good.  We decided on Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, not my favorite, but it's Andy's and Nick's favorite.  I am not even going there for my lunch calories, because it's just sad the amount of calories in some food, I felt like all the work I had put in the last 4 days had gone down the drain....I can tell my stomach has shrunk some, but I wasn't happy.  I think on cheat days, I am going to have to half my meal selections and keep for another meal, instead of eating the whole thing.  Went out with my mom to shop some, got some more Bare Minerals foundation at Ulta and shopped around Target.  I got myself some awesome black leggings and brown shoes for work.  I am so excited about both of them.  The black leggings have sparkles in them, even better!!  

Nick and Laura live in Wisconsin.  Andy and Nick grew up together here in Missouri and Nick moved away to college in Iowa where he met Laura.  We all get along great and it's always a blast to be around the both of them.  Just wish they lived here so we could see them more often.

I am so excited for this week:
  • The outside Christmas lights get turned on (Ok, so they wre turned on last night!)
  • The Christmas tree goes up in our household
  • Thanksgiving meals, which I will make sure I take plenty of photos on Thursday
  • Carrie Underwood concert on Tuesday night!!  Yes, photos will happen also!
  • 4 day weekend!!!!!
And of course, I cannot forget to post photos of the fur-babies from the weekend!




Hope you all have a fantastic 
Thanksgiving Week!



Jen Pabst said...

We love the rotisserie chickens, quick and easy meal! Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving ;)


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